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Art Notes

Is your painting a picture place somewhere between fantasy and dream......where color gives pause to reality and content is cryptic and intelligent and fun..... Perhaps its time to own a new picture place.

Minimal Art It's not easy to fall in love with the austerity of Minimal Art,
with its hard-edged industrial materials and finishes, its emphasis on pure geometry and its single-minded approach. Museum and gallery exhibitions have lately given maximum exposure to Minimal Art which demonstrates the enduring influence of Minimalism on artmaking as well as design and architecture. Perhaps with our flurry of activities,our time crunch buzz and our tunnel focus, Minialism affords the viewer a lovely sparce space to rest and stretch one's

I don't believe that Minimalism is an "art-as-object" seen as the transforming art movement of the late 20th century. I belive that Minimalism is a visual bath.....a wash that prepares the viewer for another go around within their sprung world.

Because of it's relation to the sea and the sky, blue gives us feelings of security, stability and safety. In art, we must consider the economy, environment and globalization as all having an impact on color.

A little blue goes a long way. Pair it nicely with primary colors or neutrals. If a painting has too many strong blues, then the painting looks dark and cold. A painting needs to be warm to reach a broad sector of potential buyers. Warm paintings sell more quickly than cold paintings. And be aware, Artists, that blue paint alone does not sell art, art sells art. Buyers, perhaps you should have a little blue on your walls.

Art and Economy

The public has a tendency to look at art as a luxury item and not as a part of creating a vital atmosphere within the home. Artists need to communicate the idea that art is an important part of the home environment and one that can powerfully influence the emotional and intellectual climate of the home.

Art has always played an essential part in the development of man as in; event recordings, predictions, dreams, a posture of question, discovery and a sense of peace and accomplishment.

Consumer, I invite you to own a piece of art. Artist, I invite you to show the consumer our precious need of art.

Giclee Canvas Edition Prints
Artist, be aware that the art-buying public increasingly recognizes limited edition prints on canvas. The favorite, Giclee on canvas, more closely resembles the original oil and acrylic artwork than Giclee on paper; offset lithography on canvas or canvas transfers which are paper pictures adhered to canvas.

Giclee are printed directly on the canvas using the broadest of color spectrums and with computer technology, the original artwork can be replicated. It's wonderfully economic too because Giclee can be printed on demand. If you have only twenty-five sales, you can print a twenty-five-edition run. And so the need to complete a full press run all at once is eliminated and you don't have to warehouse any inventory.

These art-works have the look and feel of an original. They are often enhanced with additional brushwork directly onto the print, which further adds to the look and feel of an original, therefore Giclee on canvas have a higher perceived value than paper prints. Buyers feel that they own an original, although the prints are numbered and marketed as prints.

Because of their gorgeous color and feel, Giclee on canvas can sell for $1000 or more. The up-front edition costs are relatively affordable. I suggest, Artists, that you try a small sized print editon first· something like an 11x14 or smaller. --Surry

Wonderful designs of shape and color, Symbolism was in part a reaction against the Impressionists, particularly against the Impressionist's "excessive naturalism." Symbolists were influenced by the bright palettes of the Impressionists - but disregarded perspective.

Bright, flat areas of color - strongly colored outlines (dark blues mostly) lack of shadows or a somewhat arbitrary choice of where shadows are placed....all this heightened the fabulous and decorative effect. Gauguin is an example of a Symbolist. Nabis' - the Hebrew word for prophet, was the name one group of Symbolists used. These Nabis' artists used delicate, pale colors which was influenced by Italian primitives before the time of Raphael. --Surry