Born into a large mercurial East Coast family, Surry was a voracious reader at an early age, spending much of her youth in the small meadows of deep woods, engrossed in many grand books. While she did not pursue painting seriously until 1981, Surry has always surrounded herself with artists and thinkers.

Surry's schooling in the art of painting is entirely that of viewer visiting the Museums of New York City during the years of her young adulthood.She is best described as a representational artist with an impressionistic over-view.

The influence of the meadows and deep woods during Surry Birk's youth is clearly evident in her paintings.

A small woman, passionate but self contained, ardent and restless, skeptical and suspicious, who paints with tight frenzy and extravagant humor. Surry's paintings are delicious with color and cryptic content.

Surry Birk currently resides in Pennsylvania. Her paintings are in private collections throughout the United States.